You Have Options

There are so many fencing options out there that making a choice can seem daunting. “How durable is wood compared to vinyl? Why should I consider aluminum? What are the benefits of a chain link fence?”



Our team of fencing experts is here to help as you navigate the possibilities and make a decision that is right for you, your budget, and your goals. We help you weigh privacy and security with appearance and cost to find the perfect fence for your space.

With Fencing It In, you choose wood varieties, aluminum, vinyl, PVC, chain link, rod iron, and composite fiber. Whether you are looking for something that will last the lifetime of your home or a material that will require zero maintenance, your search for the best fence for you ends here.


We install new fencing and gates as well as repair existing structures for residential and commercial properties. We supply Master Halco products and other brands with the best, most durable fencing that will last the lifetime of your home.