Wood Fencing

The most popular type of fencing in the United States, wood fencing, is versatile, adds privacy to your property, and can be customized to your taste. We use Master Halco’s wood fencing because of its consistent performance and a vast array of design options. The low-density cedar, redwood, pine, and cypress hardwoods used in our fences are less likely to warp or change dimension over time. This is a long-lasting and dependable option to add a warm, welcoming atmosphere to your home.

You should also consider that prices may vary widely depending on the height of your fence, the type of wood you select, and the size of the enclosed area. The wood type will also impact the lifespan of your fence and may require more upkeep than other materials.



If you prefer the look of a wood fence but want to perform less maintenance, you should consider using composite fiber-reinforced material. With the beautiful appearance of traditional wood, this type of fencing combines landfill-bound woods with plastics to make durable and low-upkeep fencing material that looks natural and is available in different colors, stains, and hardwood grain patterns. However, composite woods may be more expensive than other options.